Nutritional Coaching

We can consult over Skype in form of a single session, which suits some people best.

What I found most effective for most clients, has been regular coaching including short weekly calls and the odd email between calls.

These programmes have been created to keep you on track.

The 4 and 12 months support programmes are skype coaching programmes, which aim to achieve a high level of integration of nutritional and lifestyle habits into your daily routine. Due to the length of the programme, it is possible to introduce various elements over a long period of time, making it easy to form new habits, which will be maintained and become natural. We will work at a pace that works for you;  adjusting it as needed.

4 months support:

We begin with your goals. The first session will take around 1 hour.

After this I like to commit to 1 weekly skype session, which is around 20-30 minutes each time.

You will be given specific focus areas (mostly around your eating habits, supplementation, exercise or mind) each week and we look at your progress and also your consistency.

If you have specific questions between sessions, you can email me as well.

You may have specific readings or watching specific videos as homework in some weeks.

Investment: £388 (payable as £194 advance for the first 2 months, £97 for month 3 and 4 each)


12 months support:

same as 4 months, with the difference that you have a longer term goal in mind and we can include a longer section of a cleansing phase.

The 12 months can also include exercises that involve your community (family, friends, colleagues) – like hosting a small dinner party with your own cooking.

This will much depend on your specific goals however.

Investment: £1044 (payable as £348 advance for first 4 months, £87 per month from month 5))

(should you after the first introductory coaching session believe that the support programme is unsuitable for you, I will offer a full refund on any payment made)




Disclaimer: I am not medically trained. I do not diagnose or treat disease. Live Blood Microscopy is for the purpose of study and education only.