Live Blood Microscopy

Live and Dried Blood Microscopy Demonstration – “Diving into a different Dimension”

Live and Dried Blood

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Viewing my own blood through the microscopy the first time in early 2005 felt like I was entering a new dimension. I got to see and observe something of myself, previously hidden.  Below is some information about what happens during a Live and Dried Blood Microscopy Consulation with me.

What to expect:

At arrival you will be asked to sign a consent form, stating also that I am not a doctor or nurse and do not diagnose or prescribe treatment or medication.

The consultation with me will take around one hour (please allow 90 min just in case). We will begin with a short introduction to my background and some basics on Live Blood Microscopy.

The blood demonstration: One pinprick of sample blood will be taken from the finger end, onto glass slides. We use single use lancets. The blood is then viewed under a high powered microscope linked to a laptop. During the consultation you can ask any questions as they come up, regarding what is seen, or other relevant matters. Pictures are taken of your Live and Dried Blood samples.

The observations in your blood are immediate and visual. We will look at your blood sample including red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma through the microscope via phase contrast. We will also look at the patterns created by your dried blood that will be viewed via bright field. I will take pictures of your blood sample seen through the microscope. These pictures will be emailed to you at my earliest convenience.

We will complete the session with summarising the observations in your blood. 

Viewing your blood cells through a microscope is interesting and fascinating.

Book your UK and Europe based Live and Dried Blood Microscopy or Coaching here.

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Disclaimer: I am not medically trained. I do not diagnose or treat disease. Live and Dried Blood Microscopy is for the purpose of study and education only.